Relationship Coaching

Explore your relationships at work, at home and with yourself with privacy and confidentiality.

I offer coaching for one-to-one clients and couples. Coaching guides you to the truth of who you are and who you are being in a relationship. Whether you are preparing to leave a relationship, or are being left; whether you want to renew or refresh an existing relationship or want to find a new partner, we will fulfill your potential so that you will always move forward to achieve greater success and happiness in life.


Divorce can be a chance to re-examine everything important in your lives, from work to friends to sex. Not so much a mid-life crisis as a mid-life opportunity. Agree to disagree and strive for a ‘good divorce’ in order that all parties work together and communicate.

Expect to move forward.

Expect to grow in self-esteem.

Expect to have happier relationships.

Expect to be a better parent.

Expect to forgive.

Expect to be happier in yourself.

Together we can walk down the road with purpose and make important decisions about where you are heading, ensuring that your relationships have power and potential.

Life is like the road – everything is ahead of you – we will walk together to achieve the life you want and share your dreams.