Personal Coaching

When life has a haze surrounding it, Maria is a wonderful wind that blows the cobwebs away and allows one to visualize more clearly. She does this by putting back the positive into actions and helps one go forward more quickly. People say that a positive person gets on more quickly in life and Maria certainly helps one to focus on this. To have the sound of her voice inside my head, reminding me of what is possible to achieve, is a huge comfort and strength. Maria never takes sides, but is always on your side. I have found her sessions very rewarding.

Working Mother, Hampshire

I had no idea how many conversations I was having, without talking to anyone. I now find it easy to communicate with the people that matter in my life. I really wish I had met you earlier. Thank you so much.

M. Leman

Professional Coaching

I love my sessions with Maria. I just know that however confused or low I feel, after an hour talking to Maria I will feel lighter and clearer and I will value life as a gift and be motivated to make the best of it. Maria is so direct, so practical and so funny, she cares about me and she believes in me.

Ann, London

A belated thanks for your work with me for those months, it was a great help to ‘look out of the box’.

Elaine, Kent

Maria taught me to see situations from such different points of view and now I can see what I want and need. I am so much happier.

Suren, London

Coaching with Maria really is one of the best things I’ve included in my life, and has helped in so many ways, so thank you very much.

Actress, London

It was like having a full office of staff to support me, bouncing ideas off you and being reminded what I had originally set out to do. With your encouragement and support I have achieved my goals and now I am working on new goals, thank you.

Steve, London

Maria’s intelligence, integrity and empathy
enabled me to realise the true me and
start to live the life of my own choice.
Here’s to the next 40 years!

Sarah, Leicestershire

Relationship Coaching

I didn’t think it was possible to turn around my marriage, I can’t thank you enough. What’s more, we are happier than we had ever been. And all on Skype… I mean it, thank you Maria.

Isabella, Spain

At the time I didn’t see that I needed to, and could, improve my marriage and my relationship with my children. Coaching helped me to not take what I had for granted and helped me get more out of what I have. I am so much more positive and more aware of my how people see me and by taking more responsibility for my life, this is also teaching my children how to do the same. Thank you.

Caroline, London