What is Coaching?
Who Benefits?

I coach people who are excited about learning more about themselves and expanding who they are. I coach a range of people who want to make changes in their lives; from self-employed business owners to artists; from corporate executives to mothers returning to work; from clients seeking to strengthen their professional relationships to those dealing with divorce and separation.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
The difference is huge….

Coaching doesn’t go back into your past and help you excavate things you need to clean up in your life. Coaching is more about where you are now and where you are heading in the future. Though there are some forms of therapy which are similar to this approach, therapy is more about healing whereas coaching is more about creating.

About my coaching

My ability lies in enabling people to become clear about their own strengths and their internal alignment. When people aren’t being as effective as they can be, it is because they are out of balance with who they really are and with what they are trying to achieve. I am highly intuitive, which has a good impact on my clients. I am incisive, precise and able to pinpoint the direction in which a person should travel to maximize capability. The power of my coaching is underpinned by my impartiality.

My clients

Each of my clients has a unique profile and I have the skill to help them identify and tap into the qualities and capabilities that make them shine. Most of my clients find me by word of mouth and recommendation. One of the common components of my clients is that they are highly motivated; they want to do, be and/or have more. I, too, am very determined, hard working and consistently wanting to grow and help others to grow. Work with me one to one to
explore, discover and begin living the life you really want
to live.

Individual programmes are customized to meet your
needs. Sessions are conducted in person or over the
phone. International clients are welcome.